Randy Heiland (heiland--at--iu.edu)
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My professional interests are in various areas of [high performance] scientific computing, applied mathematics, data analysis/visualization, cybersecurity, and education. I enjoy working closely with application scientists and engineers, helping them solve interesting problems and hopefully benefiting society in some way.


  • M.A., Mathematics (dynamical systems), Arizona State University (thesis)
  • M.S., Computer Science (computer graphics, computer-aided geometric design), University of Utah
  • B.S., Computational Mathematics, Eastern Illinois University

    Work Experience

    '17-present: Intelligent Systems Engineering, School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Indiana University.
    '07-'17: Pervasive Technology Institute: (Research Technologies, Open Systems Lab/CREST, CACR)
    '03-'07: Associate Director, Scientific Data Analysis Lab, Pervasive Technology Labs at Indiana University
    '97-'03: NCSA/UIUC, Visualization & Virtual Environments group
    '93-'97: Pacific Northwest National Lab, Environmental Molecular Sciences Lab, Richland, WA
    '92: Los Alamos National Lab, Advanced Computing Lab (internship) (now ISTI), Los Alamos, NM
    '85-'87: Center for Industrial Research (now SINTEF), Oslo, Norway

    Sampling of Projects

    More to come...

    News (some links require IU login)

    NCI PhysiCell 2018, NSF nanoBIO 2017, NSF CCoE 2016, NIMBioS 2011, SIAM CSE 2011 CompuCell3D 2010, NIH 2008, NIH 2007,

    "But in this young man there was none of the heaviness of workers dragged out of bed at dawn for another gray and futile day of labor. He appeared curiously determined, curiously content."
       Arrowsmith, Sinclair Lewis.